SD's Best Spots to Work/Study

Hey babes!
The weather is starting to cool off and pretty soon we’ll have to come to terms and accept that Summer is (unfortunately) finally over. That means that it’s time to fully get into school/work mode. Luckily, San Diego is home to so many great spots that allow for cozy and efficient work sessions. We’ve done some research, and here are a few of our favorite spots with an exceptional ambiance and atmosphere.


image via @nathanmmueller

Blue Bottle Coffee: This one’s for you espresso lovers. Located alongside our second Van De Vort Location in One Paseo, Blue Bottle Coffee is definitely one of our top picks! The inside is decorated with minimalistic touches that are distraction-free. We recommend grabbing an almond milk latte and trying the Coconut Yogurt Parfait.


image via @monikergeneral

Moniker General: A large open-concept space located in Liberty Public Market that sells home goods, coffee, and even beer! They have high ceilings, great lighting, and modern decor- so it's easy to sit down and get work done. Be sure to try one of their coffee creations like the Hawaiian Latte, or a yummy craft drink off their rotating seasonal menu. 


image via @holsemcoffee

Holsem Coffee: This classic coffeehouse located in North Park is seriously a hidden gem. They have a surplus of indoor and outdoor seating, tons of plugs to charge up, and a vibey playlist. Order a Banana Bread Latte or Nutella Cold Brew for a brain boost, or a wholesome healthy bowl to fill you up mid-study.

We got you covered on where to go and what to order, so now it’s time for us to pick you an outfit!


Our pick: The Summertime Romance Knit Set. This matching set is too good to pass up! With drawstring knit shorts and a matching tank, this knit two-piece is sure to become one of your favorite go-to outfits. It's the perfect comfy cozy set to throw on when wanting to look effortlessly chic. Wear this anytime, anywhere! 
We hope you get the chance to enjoy some of our favorite study spots! Happy working, ladies! 

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